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32 PAWS Christmas Hats

Christmas is just around the corner!! Handmade Purple Christmas Beanie from 32 PAWS on Etsy Handmade Blue Christmas Beanie from 32 PAWS on Etsy


Beanies in June

June and July is the beginning of the Christmas buying season. Here I show just two of the colors that I have made. Currently I have 50 beanies made; slouchy, regular with a band and regular with no band. Men seem to like the beanie with no band. I have many different colors. The yarn goes from a nice heavy…

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Foods That Are Toxic For Dogs

Foods that are toxic for dogs are chocolate, onions, and grapes (raisins). Don’t feed them to your dogs because it will make your them sick.  The toxicity of these foods could kill your dog. As I researched for toxic foods for dogs, I was surprised to discover the high level of toxicity those foods have in them. Of course how much toxic food…

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The Benefits of Having A Garden Tower

Every winter I have dreams of a garden with fresh grown vegetables, vine ripe tomatoes, tasty red radishes, three kinds of lettuce and lots of spinach. But when  spring time came around, I found reasons not to do it. This is year is different because last winter I purchase a Garden Tower.  There are many garden towers out there in the…

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Stop and Smell The Flowers!

When life isn’t going your way and the news of the day creates more stress in you, it’s time to “Stop And Smell The Flowers”. Turn off the TV and go outside and look around you. Do you see birds flying? Do you hear dogs barking? Kids playing games?  Life keeps on going around you and by recognizing this is…

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How to Make Your Dog Happy in 5 Minutes

Take your dog for a daily walk. Walking your dog(s) daily allows for them to work out excess energy, works out your frustrations as well.  If you are short on time, even a 5 minute walk around the block with you can help your dog’s day while you are gone.  Your dog learns the neighborhood  and can anticipate their favorite…

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Spring Cleaning in April

Spring is here, our clock has moved forward giving us more day time in the evenings.  Which to me means more daylight to get my spring cleaning done.  Window and window shades, curtains, drapes are all on the list for cleaning and windows sparkle inside and out if only until the next heavy cleaning which comes end of summer.  The usual cleaning gets will be…

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Labrador Retrievers

Tomato Plants are dangerous For Dogs

Giving your dog a bite of your tomato slice will not harm him/her, as long as the tomato is very ripe.  But if your dog gets into your tomato plants and eats the leaves, flowers, vines, and the small green tomatoes growing he/she could become ill from the Glycoalkaloid substance that the tomato plant produces. Glycoalkaloid substance is a natural pesticide and only one…

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