32 PAWS Christmas Hats

Christmas is just around the corner!!

BH300S-300x225 32 PAWS Christmas Hats
Handmade, 100% wool Red Christmas Beanie from 32 PAWS on Etsy

BH300S-300x225 32 PAWS Christmas HatsHandmade Purple Christmas Beanie from 32 PAWS on Etsy

BH300S-300x225 32 PAWS Christmas HatsHandmade Blue Christmas Beanie from 32 PAWS on Etsy

BH300S-300x225 32 PAWS Christmas Hats
Handmade Dark Pink Christmas Beanie from 32 PAWS on Etsy

Beanies in June

June and July is the beginning of the Christmas buying season. Here I show just two of the colors that I have made. Currently I have 50 beanies made; slouchy, regular with a band and regular with no band. Men seem to like the beanie with no band. I have many different colors. The yarn goes from a nice heavy knit to lite knits. Lite being the weight you feel when you put the beanie on your head. I like both, heavy for cold days and lite for sunny but windy days. Prices run from $8.00 to $15.00. If you’re interested in purchasing one or two of my awesome beanies please email me at vyount@cox.net.

P3190137-300x225 Beanies in June

Foods That Are Toxic For Dogs

Foods that are toxic for dogs are chocolate, onions, and grapes (raisins). Don’t feed them to your dogs because it will make your them sick.  The toxicity of these foods could kill your dog. As I researched for toxic foods for dogs, I was surprised to discover the high level of toxicity those foods have in them.

Of course how much toxic food they eat depends on the size and the weight of the dog matters   Our boy Jailer did ate chocolate on the sly.  He sniffed out the box of Sees’s nuts and chews I received for a christmas gift.  He was about 2 years old. (The terrible twos.) We were in the bedroom for about 10 minutes, thinking that Jailer was asleep in the den.  Wrong, he was at the kitchen table smelling those chocolates.

He did find a way to bring the box down and take the box outside and he gobbled down all the chocolate.  My husband decided to see if Jailer wanted to go for a walk when he discovered the empty box of nuts and chews on the grass in the backyard. First thing, how much did he eat?  What was left?  Call the vet!  We were lucky that Jailer didn’t get sick.  All that was left was chocolate with nuts in them.

It takes up to 20 hours dogs to metabolize the theobromine substance.   How your dog reacts will depend the amount of chocolate he/she ate,  his/her size, weight and health. If your dog has been ill recently, take them to the vet immediately.

Rule of thumb is all types chocolate are bad for your dog’s health, the darker and bitter the chocolate, the higher theobromine mg.  And alway call your vet right away.

IMG_0612-300x237 Foods That Are Toxic For Dogs

The Benefits of Having A Garden Tower

Every winter I have dreams of a garden with fresh grown vegetables, vine ripe tomatoes, tasty red radishes, three kinds of lettuce and lots of spinach. But when  spring time came around, I found reasons not to do it. This is year is different because last winter I purchase a Garden Tower.  There are many garden towers out there in the market. Two colors that I know of white and terra-cotta.

The benefits of a garden tower is not having to dig out a garden from your yard.  I haven’t had a garden growing from the ground in a long time. I know the ground is quite hard from all the clay that is mixed in with dirt we brought it.

Next benefit is I don’t have to have a fence put up.  We have a fire ring that we don’t use any more, we put a large white heavy board over the grill and then place our garden tower on top.  The tower needs stays upright, not leaning toward the left or right, or can move when you push on it.  Our dogs can’t get on top of the white board, no one is peeing on my garden!

Another benefit is there is no weed pulling.  The only thing that goes into the side cups are vegetable plants and seeds. I have also planted beneficial flowers to bring bees for pollination and herbs that will keep away white flies and misquotes.

Another benefit of a garden tower is the tube in the middle is for composting.  You throw your kitchen scraps in the tube and in 10 weeks you have healthy dirt. There are two pull out tray at the bottom of the tower. Water runs through the dirt and collects down at the base into a drawer that has a separate slide out tray so that the compost does not fall down into the water.

The last benefit I am going to share is the good feeling that comes from going out to your tower and picking couple of radishes, snip off lettuce, basil, spinach and a couple of nasturtium flowers for color.  For me this is only the beginning, my summer vegetables will make great dinners on those hot nights.

Have I convince you to purchase a garden tower?  I hope so!  You will love it.

prod022809_alt1 The Benefits of Having A Garden Tower

Stop and Smell The Flowers!

When life isn’t going your way and the news of the day creates more stress in you, it’s time to “Stop And Smell The Flowers”. Turn off the TV and go outside and look around you. Do you see birds flying? Do you hear dogs barking? Kids playing games?  Life keeps on going around you and by recognizing this is the first step in letting go of the unhappy thoughts about your life and what is happening in the world.

Tony Robbin says in his blog “How To Handle Stress” find activities you enjoy. Think of something that makes you smile every morning when you get up and every night before you go to sleep. By planting seeds of happy thoughts you are retraining your mind to see how you can change things about you so your life does go your way.

We live in a world today that is changing constantly. Being happy with what we have created for us in our world is something we can control. If your job has created sickness in you, then start to look around at what you could do instead. What can you do in your job that would create a happier environment? Ask yourself if it is time to for you to go out in the world and find a new job.  Sometimes seeing what is out there can make your job seem not so bad.

Wake up each morning with a smile even if it is smiling because your coffee or morning drink smells and tastes great. You have to start somewhere. Grow flowers in your yard that you can pick and bring in the house. Choose flowers that have a great smell and bright pretty petals.  Smell and color can set your day straight.

This may sound a little crazy but fragrance can do wonders for your spirit.  It is a game changer! Smell your favorite perfume, shampoo, shower gel. If you have any rosemary growing in your yard, run your hand through the rosemary leaves and inhale.  The smell from the rosemary leaves will put you into another space allowing you to forget what upsets you.

To find your happy smile it takes a change that your brain recognizes to think about something else or not to think at all. My happy smell is pesto.

How to Make Your Dog Happy in 5 Minutes

  • Take your dog for a daily walk.
    Walking your dog(s) daily allows for them to work out excess energy, works out your frustrations as well.  If you are short on time, even a 5 minute walk around the block with you can help your dog’s day while you are gone.  Your dog learns the neighborhood  and can anticipate their favorite spots to smell or pee on.
  • Brush your dog’s coat daily.
    I have several dogs with long and short hair. The shorter the hair the less you have to brush, but I find that if I brush their coat everyday, it helps to relax them. Daily brushing helps to keeps your floors free from hair.
  • Make sure your dog’s bed is comfortable to sleep on.
    I am not a believer that dogs should sleep outside at night. Nor that when they sleep during the day that they have to sleep on the ground unless they chose too. Finding your dog a comfortable bed is not hard to do. Choosing the right size for your dog is important. If your dog is older, purchase a bed of a quality that does not fall apart. Start a google search on dog beds and many web pages show up. Take your time looking at the different pet stores and what they sell and how much the beds costs. When you go to the stores, take the bed off the shelf and feel it for yourself. Will your dog love this bed? When you get home make a big deal about his new bed and where he can sleep. Your dog will thank you for that.

Spring Cleaning in April

clean-1346686_1920-300x200 Spring Cleaning in AprilSpring is here, our clock has moved forward giving us more day time in the evenings.  Which to me means more daylight to get my spring cleaning done.  Window and window shades, curtains, drapes are all on the list for cleaning and windows sparkle inside and out if only until the next heavy cleaning which comes end of summer.  The usual cleaning gets will be replaced by cleaning out where dirt accumulates on the floors and furniture.

This year I am trying new cleaning products and it is Mrs. Meyers and the Method.  Mrs. Meyers Clean Day created aromatherapeutic household cleaning products.  I am using the Lavender scent dish soap, the Basil multi-surface everyday cleaner.  For the wooden surfaces I use Method daily clean almond scent for my kitchen cabinets, den panels, kitchen table, the bar, the book shelves, and hard wood floor. The bathroom gets the Method spearmint antibacterial bathroom cleaner and spearmint antibacterial toilet cleaner.  For all the windows in the house I use Method glass and surface cleaner.

You can buy these products at Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon and stores that sell cleaning products or go to MrsMeyers.com for all their products and scents and methodhome.com for their awesome cleaning products.

Tomato Plants are dangerous For Dogs

Giving your dog a bite of your tomato slice will not harm him/her, as long as the tomato is very ripe.  But if your dog gets into your tomato plants and eats the leaves, flowers, vines, and the small green tomatoes growing he/she could become ill from the Glycoalkripening-tomatoes-1530464_640-300x209 Tomato Plants are dangerous For Dogsaloid substance that the tomato plant produces.

Glycoalkaloid substance is a natural pesticide and only one of the deadly substances found in the tomato plants.  The leaves, flowers and unripe fruit has the highest of concentration of this substance.

Keep your dogs away from the garden by fencing it off in its own section of your property.  Watch for the vines and rewind them inside the tomato basket and away from your pets.